Ability is a student affinity group at the Allen School as of Summer Quarter 2021. 

Our mission is to:

The social model of disability: shows white borders around an individual representing sociaty, these borders are helb together by orange barrier posts representing enviroment issues such as inaccesible buildings, language, services, and comunication. Additude barriers such as prejudice, sterotyping, and discrimination. Organization barriers such as inflexible procedures and practices.
Disability impacts a lot of the student body, even if it may not be obvious at first glance.Ability helps to promote social change to make Allen School and beyond more accessible by working with our communities to promote equal access.


What we've done

Ability has done so much since it was founded, helping students on campus talk to industry recruiters at Oracle and Uber, advocacy for better student access to Allen School events, and helping our members learn about research opportunities. Follow us on Instagram or Facebook to see some of our past workshops!